About Kathleen

What do you do after getting two Master’s degrees in children’s lit? Blog, apparently. I’m a twenty-something writer person who recently graduated from Simmons College with an M.F.A. in Writing for Children and an M.A. in Children’s Lit. Before that, I went to undergrad at Knox College out on the prairie. Before that, way back in early childhood, I decided to be a writer, and just never changed my mind. I’m never going to, either. So in between working on my various projects, I will talk about writing, reading, and figuring out the non-writing aspects of my life over on this corner of the internet. You can also find me on Twitter under @kmkellett17.


2 thoughts on “About Kathleen

  1. Hi! I recently read an essay about the symbolism of water in ‘Six of Crows’ on the internet by a Kathleen Kellett. I was wondering if it was you.

    1. Hi! I did write that essay for the Children’s Literature Association conference a couple of years ago. Was it just the abstract, or is the whole essay available somewhere online? I’m fine with either (I enjoyed writing that paper!), but if it’s the whole thing, could you link it to me? I didn’t think the whole thing was posted anywhere.

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