So this is a blog, huh? Fancy. I like it. Of course, I don’t understand . . . literally anything . . . about customization or anything like that, but  for now I’m content to operate on the level of I type words, they show up, people can read them on top of the colors on the page. Also, blog-friends, I am excited to actually read your blogs now like a good friend, and I hope that you will like mine!

The reason this is blog adventure in both writing and reading is happening now is that I finished graduate school four days ago. I didn’t take any time off between college and grad school (in fact, I didn’t even take a summer off), so this not being a student thing is a brave new world for me. I have heard of a concept called “free time.” I have yet to determine if it’s a real thing. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a bit of a myth for any writer, regardless of whether they’re a student or not, but it is true that I am no longer writing papers, and can therefore use that time for something else, which is exciting.

Except I’ll probably start to miss writing papers soon.

WHICH IS WHERE THE BLOG CAN COME IN. (See what I did there?) Thoughts will be shared, opinions will be spilled, in all likelihood uncontrollable earnestness will get on absolutely everything, because that’s how I roll.

(I just noticed that the WordPress clock is four hours ahead, which is like . . . Iceland time maybe? So that’s odd.)

Also, parenthetical digressions will abound.

So I hope you stick around! Watch me figure out what life after school means. Talk to you soon!

P.S. If anyone felt like commenting, that would be neat! Since I need to figure out how this blog works. Also let me know your blogs. I am but a humble blogging apprentice, and I trust you all to teach me your ways.


6 thoughts on “INTRO POST

  1. Oh, Kathleen, you are so great! I will read your blog, because I love your voice. And I’m sad I didn’t get it together to see you before you left Boston, but perhaps in your upcoming hermit adventures I can pay you a visit!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely come visit me when I’m a hermit, because a) I want to see you, b) it’s beautiful up there, and c) I should probably have some form of social interaction on occasion. I’ve been told humans need that.

  2. I will definitely add you to my RSS Feed so I can see whenever you post. Now I have enough time to finally get some reading in now that APs are over and will keep up with your blog. Don’t worry, customization comes with time.

  3. You will most definitely miss writing papers! I do. Also, I’m excited for you on your blogging adventure, you can change your settings and tell WordPress what time zone you’re in, and I love you and I’m happy I saw you at Goody Glover’s the other night. ❤

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