Monthly Archives: September 2014

Last Day

Tomorrow, I make the transition from Awkward Home Summer* to Hermit Life 2014. Hermit Life will actually extend into 2015, as well – I have a six month lease in a tiny (TINY) cabin in nowheresville, PA, and I can’t WAIT. I’ve never actually lived alone before, and I’m super ready. Even as a little kid, “and then I’ll live alone” was always a required step of adulthood, in between going to college (and as it turned out, grad school) and the still-unfathomable marriage and family.

During hermit life, I will be figuring out some sort of real life next step that every non-student non-published writer needs, as well as writing so much that you won’t even believe it. And also typing for money, as always. Typing for money is a pretty good gig, although I implore each and every one of you to remember the poor transcriptionists if you are ever being recorded for any reason. Speak loudly, slowly, and clearly and try not to interrupt, for the love of God. I have absolutely no leg to stand on, being a proper New Jerseyan who tends to only abide by the loud part, but then again, I’m pretty sure no one’s ever had to type my speech, so.

Meanwhile, it feels like fall today, in preparation for the autumnal part one of hermit life. Part two will be bitter cold, but I went to undergrad on the prairie, so I think I’ll be okay.

This is a rather scattered post, because I always feel scattered in the in-between steps of life. Usually these times have been at the beginnings or ends of semesters, but it is now September and I am not in school, which is something I haven’t been able to say since I was two years old. So I’m probably a little extra scattered, which I have countered by starting to pack two weeks ago, because I’m the most organized disorganized person I know.

My first blog post of hermit life will be something about monsters, because I read a HORRIBLE book of monster theory last week, which has served to be a pretty good jumping off point for a lot of monster thoughts of my own. (Seriously, this book was so bad.) So I look forward to writing that. See you all in the woods. 🙂

*Awkward Home Summer was not awkward because I dislike being around my parents, Mother.